History of Dunhill cigarettes began in 1907 when Alfred Dunhill in London, opened his own shop where you implemented the cigarettes for influential people. In mid-1990, this brand came into the possession of Rothmans, but after a few years, as a result of a merger, the British American Tobacco. Starting in 2003, the promotion of Dunhill International around the world reached a new level. For these cigarettes specially introduced a concept of "super affordable, in other words, as consumers Dunhill was provided middle class. Getting cigarettes were distributed only in specialty stores and various retail chains. To date, Dunhill produced more than 60 countries. One of the main hype of the brand is: "Who is tired of Dunhill, to tired to live!".

Made with a high quality tobacco blend, Dunhill cigarettes are already one of the most popular brands among smoking connoisseurs. Packaged in a classic looking red and gold box, everything about these cigarette echoes the feeling of refined sophistication. With a mild taste that's uncommon amongst most regular strength cigarettes, these full flavored cigarettes are a refreshing choice for anyone looking for a deliciously flavored cigarette. Often times only available in the United States, these cigarettes are ready to be shipped worldwide direct from our store. Buy Dunhill cigarettes..
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